Monday, February 23, 2009

Peer Interview: Lucas Sullivan

By Aliyah Finney

Rutgers University, New Jersey’s state school, is extremely diverse and offers countless opportunities for profession path and social networking . This was one of the determining factors in me choosing to apply and eventually enroll at this particular school. One such student, who was attracted to the same aspect, is 20-year-old Lucas Sullivan.

Like myself Sullivan attended a small high school of a limited racial diversity; the complete opposite of the Rutgers community. Sullivan went to Newerk Academy, a prep school with a graduating class of 100. It is a prestigious school, though Sullivan thought it “too preppy… All that changed when I came to Rutgers however, where cliques seem not to exist.”

Now here, Sullivan, like many a student, had some trouble finding himself. Being of European and Japanese decent, Sullivan had the opportunity to travel to Asia and England. This shaped is aspirations as he enjoyed the time he spent abroad, “I feel very fortunate to be able to have made so many trips in my life.”

For the first year and a half of his college life Sullivan was not exactly sure what he wanted to major in, though enjoyed testing the waters. “Maybe it's just college itself, but it seems that at Rutgers, you can have a good time with any group of people as long as you're outgoing and friendly.”

Though now it seems as though Sullivan has finally become grounded and found a set path towards his future. Considering that he is currently a junior, and has just changed his major to Journalism and Media Studies Sullivan is a little beyond the typical journalism student, though his case is anything but unique. He, like thousands of other students, will spend at least four more years in school in order to obtain his degree.

But the most important fact is that Sullivan has become comfortable with his current major. “In terms of my future, I know that I'd like to write for some publication,” Sullivan is worried though, “I'm not sure how well print media will be doing whenever I graduate.” Print media purchases and therefore jobs have all been declining steadily over the years. Though there the medium itself will never become obsolete, with al of the downsizing getting into the industry has become more competitive now than ever.

Despite this Sullivan is sticking with it. “With any luck, jobs will have opened up by the time I'm fully trained in journalism and ready to put myself out there."

Sullivan has also chosen Phsychology as his minor. He does not necessarily intend to use this degree in association with his future occupation, but just finds the subject interesting. “I took a couple of classes in High School and thought, why no?”

Hopefully Sullivan will continue to enjoy his Rutgers experience and add to the number of notable Rutgers alumni.

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