Friday, April 3, 2009

Welcome, Rutgers University Freshman!

By Jaclyn Mandelbaum

We’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to make your transition to Rutgers as smooth as possible… Just a few helpful pointers!

Roommate Drama
For many of you, it is the first time you will be living in the same room as another person – let alone someone who you’ve never met. To avoid sticky situations, make a “room contract” with your roommate. It is great to lay out all of your expectations so there are no surprises. Many of your RA’s will make you do this anyway!

Bus Transportations
Most freshmen will have to take a bus from one campus to another at some point in time. Take a few minutes to look up which buses take which routes. You can visit the transportation website at Don’t get on the wrong bus!

Campus Centers
The campus centers here at Rutgers allow students many opportunities. Most labs have free printing (with a generous limit per semester). Take advantage of this service! It helps to print out lecture slides before class. Campus centers also have places for students to study quietly, and even grab a bite to eat. Make good use of these facilities!

Stay on Top of Your Work!
There is generally A LOT of reading in college. It is so much easier to stay on top of all of this work as the semester progresses. Although most students tend to fall behind on their work, they quickly learn that keeping up is the best route to go. Attending class (and paying attention!) makes work so much easier. Don’t slack or fall behind – you will just create more work for yourself in the end.

Get Involved
Find your niche here at Rutgers. The University provides such a large and diverse selection of clubs, intramural sports, and job opportunities. Take advantage, for if you do, Rutgers will feel like home in no time

The Time of Your Life
Keep up with work, make new friends, try new things. You will have the time of your life and gain an invaluable education here at Rutgers. Enjoy!

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