Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Rutgers Looks Foward After 'Upset'

By Shawn Lopez

Saturday February 28th, the Rutgers Scarlet Knights Women’s Lacrosse team fell to Cornell’s Big Red (ranked no. 17), in quadruple overtime at Schoelkopf Field, in Ithaca, New York. Rutgers started off the game with a 4 goal lead in the first half. Cornell began gaining ground on the Lady Knights, ending the half 5-2, Rutgers. After last year’s 10-6 loss against the Big Red, Rutgers poured out of the locker room at the end of half time with one thing in mind, revenge.

However, little by little Cornell’s offense chipped away at Rutgers seemingly solid defense. The clock ran out with a score of 7-7 sending the game into overtime. After a valiant effort from both teams, the game ended in its fourth overtime when Cornell scored the winning goal with 2:10 left in the game.

“This was a huge upset but in a different sense. We were the underdog but we were the better team. We can’t lose leads like that. We gotta get up and stay up,” Rutgers Coach Laura Brand-Sias told the Lady Knights in the locker room after the game. Brand claimed groundballs, draw controls, and a lack of urgency were the key reasons for Rutgers breakdown. Cornell had 18 to Rutgers 16 groundballs, and 11 to Rutgers 9 draw controls. With these statistics alone, it is clear the game was a competitive match-up.

“We folded,” said Brand. “None of the teams we’re going to play are going to be easy wins, we have to rise to the challenge.” Brand and the Lady Knights are now looking to their next game against the Princeton Tigers (no. 7) but with their loss to Cornell in mind. “Don’t forget the way you feel right now,” said Brand. “That way you will take whatever means necessary to keep from feeling this way again.”

The Scarlet Knights are scheduled to play the Tigers Wednesday March 4th on Rutgers newly remodeled turf field. The Knights have not beaten the Tigers in the history of Rutgers Women’s lacrosse. This Wednesday will not only give Rutgers a shot to redeem themselves for their recent loss but also a chance to prove themselves as true competitors in the NCAA.

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